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What Else Can Phi Sigma Kappa Offer You?



  • Professional Development / Leadership

Being a member of Phi Sigma Kappa can be a huge resume booster.  Employers recognize fraternity members as natural leaders that are confident and able to succeed.  Your experience in Phi Sigma Kappa can help you develop the skills that you can use to be successful in your career after graduation. It is no surprise either that most of our members are also leaders in other student organizations.  We believe that leadership both in the fraternity and in other NIU organizations better prepares you for life after college. 


The Northern Illinois University chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa is actively involved in the improvement of the community.  Recent community service projects include: Greek row clean-up, DeKalb Area Red Cross, Oak Crest Senior Center, Special Olympics, and a Christmas party for children of Hope Haven Homeless Family Shelter.  Also, the chapter at NIU is routinely recognized by the Phi Sigma Kappa National Fraternity as one of the biggest donors to charities.  Our fraternity also has a very solid relationship with the DeKalb Community as well as NIU officials.


Need someone to work out with or just want to shoot hoops?  You will never have trouble finding someone to accompany you to the recreation center when you are a member of this organization.  Also, our fraternity is very active in the NIU intramural sports program.  Our fraternity participates in almost every intramural sport, as well as other tournaments and leagues in the DeKalb area.  Our fraternity is unbeatable in softball and hockey and places well in all of the other intramural sports. If you were not an athlete in high school don’t worry.  We enter a number of teams for each sport so you don’t have to be a pro to have fun. 


We can confidently say that Phi Sigma Kappa has the strongest group of alumni at NIU.  The alumni-undergraduate relationship is excellent, but what does that have to do with you?  Our alumni do more than show up once a year at homecoming and show you a good time.   Our alumni spend upwards of $35,000 each summer making improvements to the fraternity house.  The alumni also pay out almost $13,000 each year in scholarships to our undergraduate members.  Many of our alumni are very successful in their respected fields and are a great reference for resume writing and provide help in finding a job.  Our Alumni routinely receive recognition from our national fraternity as being one of the best in the nation.  Our Phi Sigma Kappa Alumni Association of NIU are very good advisors, leaders and friends and are able and willing to help the undergraduate chapter and its members succeed at NIU and beyond.  That cannot be said with such a degree of enthusiasm for any other fraternity at NIU. 


Phi Sigma Kappa is one of the most socially active fraternities at NIU.  Highlights include: Finnegan’s Funeral (a semi-formal dance), Homecoming week, tailgating at home football game, Formal Dance Weekend, Wet-N-Wild mixer, Luau BBQ, trips to Chicago Area sporting events, Delta Gamma Anchor Splash Event, as well as several mixers with NIU sororities and our awesome brotherhood events.  Becoming a member will also give you a good opportunity to meet a number of people from sororities, other fraternities, and the NIU and DeKalb community.  Being a part of our fraternity will not only strengthen your ties with our brotherhood but other organizations at NIU and beyond.


The members of the fraternity are very proud of our home at 1300 Blackhawk Road.  Built in the early 1970's it is one of the best maintained and run fraternal properties on NIU's campus.  The house has 25 bedrooms and can sleep 51 members.  It is the only fraternity house on the campus that has a computer lab with multiple wired and wireless internet connections throughout the building.  It also has a large basement and dining room.  Unlike most fraternities on NIU’s campus, our Alumni Association board of directors fully owns our home since 1991 when the mortage was paid off.  Moreover, our alumni association loves to sink money into the house for improvements.  As a result the undergraduate chapter (student members) can have a lot of input when changes and improvements are made/need to be made to the physical structure.    Please click here to see a slide show presentation of our chapter home

Recent improvements are...

                         updated theater room

                         updated scholarship wing

                         remodeled computer lab with server 

                         security camera system with 360 degree view of our property


The other benefit to our alumni association being our landlord is that we can never be forced to leave our home or have out landloard cancel out lease. When living in our fraternity home a member can remodel his room however he wants.  It is common in our home to have members spend a lot of time and take pride in their individual rooms.  Our home also has great meals prepared daily for all members.   


In Conclusion 


  • What is NOT true

The local chapter nor national fraternity has never and will never ask you for your W2 or your Parents W2.  We are not sure where this rumor got started but we get a good laugh every time we hear it.

Neither the local chapter nor national fraternity ask you to perform any duties that it does not require each member to perform.  WE DO NOT HAZE!  If you are looking to be hazed we are NOT the organization for you. 

Our costs to join and live in the fraternity house are NOT the most expensive when compared to other fraternities at NIU.  In fact we are about middle of the road when you consider ALL costs, dues, and fees (i.e., initiation fees, rent, social dues/parlor fees, meals, utilities, etc).  Simply put we offer more than anyone else at a reasonable cost.


  • What IS True

The Pi Pentaton Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa wants you to explore ALL other fraternities before making your final choice.  We believe we offer a great addition to your college education but want you to be certain of your decision. 


Does this sound like something that appeals to you?

If you want to get a better idea of what Phi Sigma Kappa is about, you are welcome to stop by the house at 1300 Blackhawk Road during the fall and spring semesters while school is in session. We encourage you register online to receive information about our recruitment and private events at PSK RECRUITMENT REGISTRATION (click here).  Don’t forget to check out the rest of our site for information and upcoming events. 

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